Cost Segregation

Under normal conditions facilities are depreciated over 39.5 years (27.5 years for multi-family facilities). Cost Segregation is maximizing a building's tax benefits by identifying, classifying and segregating a much larger percentage of a building's assets for accelerated depreciation -- this can mean 3, 5, sometimes 20x more savings within the first 5 years of depreciation, providing a higher cash flow in the initial years of investment. Everstandard Valuations Inc. can perform a non-intrusive yet detailed engineering study of a building's walls, flooring and ceiling, its plumbing, electrical, lighting, telecommunications, heating and cooling systems to maximize tax savings for our clients.

Insurable Value

When a company or an individual suffers a loss, proof of loss must be provided to the insurance company. This usually includes a statement covering the cause of the damage, condition of the property at the time of the loss and an estimate of the value of the loss. Everstandard Valuations can assist the company or individual in inspecting the damaged property, photos, and review available plans and specifications to determine the value of the assets damaged or destroyed.

Construction Cost Auditing

Everstandard Valuations can provide supplemental independent detailed financial review of your construction project and your construction contracts. Although it cannot take the place of your architect, engineer, audit staff, or project manager, Everstandard Valuations will assist in monitoring financial expenditures such as Lump Sum, Guaranteed Maximum Price, CM At Risk, Fixed and Unit Price, Time and Materials, and Cost Plus. Everstandard Valuations will guarantee you pay only what your construction contract allows.

Capital Reserve Studies

Resources created by the accumulated capital surplus (not revenue surplus) of a firm, such as by an upward revaluation of its assets reflects their current market value after appreciation. Allocating such sums to capital reserve means they are permanently invested and will not be paid as dividends. Everstandard Valuations can provide detailed analysis to allocate these resources to captial reserves.

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